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Too Busy to Train?
You can Login 24 hours/day -7 days/week. Learn before bed, first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night. It's always available. You're always in control.

"Realistic Simulations"
So you can see how the application really works. All Courses also include pre and post-test which identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to take only the units you haven't mastered and test how well you've mastered the completed Module.

Instructional Design Principles: Our courses are based on sound principles from research in instructional design, adult learning, and information processing. We believe that for training to be effective, the learner must view the training as meaningful and relevant. The learner must be engaged as an active participant.

Curriculum Structure: Our curriculum is divided into courses, which are divided into units. Each unit consists of a well-defined set of learning objectives, a series of interactions that teach the stated objectives, and a means for evaluating whether the learning objectives have been met.

Video Computer Based Training

Our Video DVD's provide the feel of a classroom with experts you can relate to - experts who teach not just how, but why. You get engaging instruction in an interactive setting with real world solutions to real life situations.

Computer Training IT Certification A+, MCSE, Microsoft Office (MOUS), MCSA, MCP,Cisco CCNA, CompTIA
Our training lives up to the rigorous learning standards set by Microsoft, who specifically recommends Approved Study Guide materials to prepare for any of their exams.

Proven Results!

  99% Pass Rate!
Recent analysis of students enrolled in a self-paced MCTS training curriculum shows Our certification training courses produced a 94% pass rate on the first attempt!
Our easy-to-use delivery format allows you to concentrate on the lesson at hand and not how to run the delivery software - saving you time and frustration. Our comprehensive course materials are delivered in an easy-to- understand format - allowing you to get the most out of your time.
Our CD-rom courses incorporate audio, video, and text training and then the total experience is reinforced with exercises and practice tests to ensure that you have really grasped the material.

Computer System Requirements
- 90MHz Pentium® processor(CPU)
- DVD Drive
- 16MBytes or more of Computer memory
- 20MBytes or more of available hard disk space
- 800x600 Screen Resolution with High (16-bit) Color or higher
- Windows 95, XP or Vista Operating System, or higher.
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